When I say I want rough, dirty sex, I don’t mean just some biting and clawing. I mean fuck me till I don’t know my own name and make me feel like I need to go to a confessional 


It’s not that I’m horny it’s just that I really need to fuck you.

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How mom reacts when it starts to rain



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I have 3 weeks until uni, flat mates are awesome (mentioning this again) and I need to sort my life out because I’m shovelling myself into a big fat mess. Nice guy I have totally fell for needs to either go or stay, and judging by my track record with long distance relationships it’s definitely not going to be the latter - but probably a bit more importantly I need to go list crazy, buy my new wardrobe for uni and then list practically every single item I need to take with me because so far I have packed alcohol and stationary. Whoops.